The Case for Separation - #9

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Who Will Keep the Private Schools Accountable?

When parents pay for the schooling, they have a direct stake in the results. If they aren't getting their money's worth, they can take their kids out and choose from the many other options available — another school, home schooling, a mix, tutors, etc.

The business community. If graduates are too uneducated to get jobs, the schools who turn them out will not be able to stay in business. As it is now, businesses have no choice but to accept under-educated graduates — government schools have a monopoly on education.

Those who help fund the schools. These people will be entirely free to withdraw their support if schools do not measure up. Public schools are funded regardless of their performance, making them virtually unaccountable.

Students. Students will have more options and with their new liberty to become truly educated, they will take a greater interest in the quality of their education.

Who is NOT qualified to hold schools accountable?

The government. It has already proven its inability to deliver a quality education to the vast majority of children. It has further proven its propensity for harming children academically, emotionally, morally, spiritually, and often even physically, not to mention robbing children of their independence and self-sufficiency. It would make no more sense to give the government authority to oversee private schools than it would to allow a surgeon who loses half his patients to regulate other surgeons.

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The Case for Separation
Last updated March 28, 2007

Some of the more
well-known signers of our proclamation:

Ed Crane
President, Cato Institute

John Taylor Gatto
1991 New York State Teacher of the Year

Fr. John A Hardon
The Catholic Catechism

Don Hodel
Former Secretary of Interior

D. James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries

Rev. Tim LaHaye
Left Behind

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
President, Toward Tradition

Tom Monaghan
Founder, Domino’s Pizza

Ron Paul
US Congressman, Texas

John K Rosemond
Parenting Author, Columnist, Speaker

They and thousands of others have signed Our Proclamation:

"I favor ending government involvement in education."