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Vol. 2, No. 6 July 1996


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Freedom lovers for tax-funded vouchers


by Marshall Fritz

Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 6, July 1996


Many freedom lovers believe that tax-funded vouchers will improve schooling by adding competition. Some focus on the teachers unions as The Big Problem and see vouchers as a way to reduce their influence. Some see vouchers as an important, even necessary, stepping stone toward full Separation.


I've had discussions with many freedom lovers on the voucher issue. A few have not yet devoted much thought ("Friedman is for vouchers and the unions are against them. That's good enough for me"). Most, such as Joe Bast, David Boaz, Milton Friedman, Andy Little and those on the list below, have given this issue a lot of thought and still maintain their position rather than accept mine.


Sure, it's frustrating when people I respect and like are so stubborn (oops, look who's talking). So, to keep a sense of perspective, I often end a conversation on the voucher issue with the statement, "I don't expect perfection in my friends for fear they might reciprocate."


Larry Arnn

Claremont Institute


Mike Arata

Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism


Wm. Bentley Ball



Bernard Baltic

Reason Foundation


Joe Bast

Heartland Institute


Doug Bandow



David Barulich



Janet Beales

Reason Foundation


Joel Belz

WORLD Magazine


Lloyd Billingsley



David Boaz

Cato Institute


Clint Bolick

Institute for Justice


Ed Crane

President of Cato Institute


Brad Dacus

Rutherford Institute


Bro Theodore Drahmann

Christian Brothers Conference


Mae Duggan

Citizens for Educ. Freedom


Edward Erikson

Calvin College


Milton Friedman

Nobel Laureate


David Harmer

Heritage Foundation


Kevin Irvine

1991 Colo. Teacher of the Year


David Kirkpatrick

Virgil Blum, SJ Center


Manny Klausner

Reason Foundation


Myron Lieberman



Rabbi Pinchas Lipner

Hebrew Academy


Andrew Little

Buckeye Institute


Bishop Norman McFarland

Diocese of Orange


Fr Richard John Neuhaus

First Things


Sr Renee Oliver

CEF Retired


Joe Overton

Mackinac Institute


Linda Page

Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy


Quentin Quade

Virgil Blum, SJ Center


Lovett Peters

Pioneer Institute


James Peyser

Pioneer Institute


Jack Roeser

Family Taxpayer Foundation


Dan Rosenthal

Silver and Gold Report


Michael Rothschild

Bionomics Institute


Phyllis Schlafly

Eagle Forum


Dr Robert Simonds



Sam Staley

Buckeye Institute


Tom Tancredo

Independence Institute


Kevin Teasley

Center for Study of Popular Culture


Robert Teegarden

Calif Catholic Conference


Lance Uzumi

Pacific Research Foundation


Michael Watson

Arkansas Policy Foundation


Walter Williams

George Mason University



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