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Here are some brochures we've used over the years. A few of the brochures may be a little old, but the information is still vital and valid today.

Please feel free to download, print, and share our brochures with your family and friends.

A Parable: They Pry Them from Our Cold Dead Fingers
by Sharon Harris, President of the Advocates for Self-Government
Excerpt:  And suddenly I realize that just about everyone in the room allows government workers to come every day and take away something—something far more precious than any piece of metal.

Free the Schools!
by Harry Browne, Co-founder of DownsizeDC Foundation
Excerpt:  The first thing we need to understand about government schools is that they are not educational institutions. They are political agencies - to be run by whoever has the most political influence. And that will never be you nor I.

On Being Salt and Light
by Frederick C. Foote, homeschooling father and graduate of Harvard Law School
Excerpt:  Our understanding of the Bible on this point suggests that quite the opposite conclusion may be true. If we really want our children to be salt and light in this world, the public school classroom may be the last place they should be.

School is Expensive But...
by Tammy Drennan, Alliance Senior Writer
Excerpt:  It's a real possibility. All the evidence supports the feasibility of fully independent education. It's up to us to break the chains holding us back and muster the courage to move forward.

Strong Families, Strong Societies: The Education Link
The Alliance for the Separation of School and State
Excerpt:  A country is no freer and a society no stronger than the families that comprise it.

Ten Benefits of School Liberation
by Marshall Fritz and Cathy Duffy
What schools will look like after the transformation to school liberation.

Ten Good Reasons for Free Market Schooling
by Marshall Fritz, Founder of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State
Excerpt: Free Market Schooling means educational services are offered without compulsion or subsidy by any level of government. This means repealing the compulsion of financing, attendance, content, and state regulation of teachers and institutions that are central to today's "public schooling"...

What About Socialization?
by J. Michael Smith, President of HSLDA
Excerpt: The myths surrounding home-schooling are being torn down. Home-schoolers, typically identified as being high academic achievers, are also making the grade in society.

What About the Poor?
by Chris Cardiff, homeschooling father of three spirited girls
Excerpt: While government control of education harms all families, children of low-income families are damaged most severely.

What is the Real Cost of Sending My Child to Public School?
The Alliance for the Separation of School and State
Excerpt: It's not dollars and cents... It's the damage done to our children.
(This is a 4-fold brochure on legal-size paper.)

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