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Home Education in Arkansas

Be sure to submit a notice of intent and waiver form to the local public school superintendent by August 15 (for the fall semester) or by December 15 (for the spring semester) or within 30 days of moving into the school district.  If you transfer during a semester, certain restrictions may apply.  The Education Alliance has more guidelines and information to help you get started

NOTE: The information provided is a guideline. It is important for all parents to understand the statutes, procedures, policies, and/or guidelines in their home state and do what is necessary to comply with them. Find out the law in your state.

Home Education Resources and Support Groups

Families have been educating their children at home for years.  You don't need to start from scratch! 

Start with our Home Education Resources where you'll find links to curriculum, materials, teaching methods, answers to common questions about home education, step-by-step suggestions and creative options, and links to national organizations. Our goal is to share some of the best and most popular materials and resources.

You are not alone! There are many home education support groups in your area who have suggestions for teaching individual subjects, outlines of teaching methods, special needs links, activities, events, and much, much more.

We also have links below to the major home education organizations in Arkansas. You can find more support groups at their websites.


Private Schools

Use the National Center for Education Statistics to find a private school in your area - just enter your city!  This useful database has many ways to search, provides stats such as grade levels of schools, student population, contact info for schools.

Laws and Standards

For the best understanding on the law and how to read it, we recommend National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD). Once you read their site, you'll know why they are your vanguards of true legal freedom.  Here is an excerpt from NHELD:


Parents educate their children for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways. However, there is one thing that is crucial for all parents, the need to be free so that they are able to educate in the manner in which they choose in the best interest of their children. Together, we can and must retain this freedom; without freedom, there is only one choice: government schooling. That is not acceptable.


We also have links to the laws regarding education (from The Education Alliance website) and educational standards (from Developing Educational Standards)

If you feel that your group is not properly represented below - or if you know of a group that should be listed in one of our categories - or if you find a broken link - please let us know.  Thank you!


You may want to start with the main home education organization in your state.

The Education Alliance
414 S. Pulaski St. Ste. 9, Little Rock, AR 72201
Contact:  Melissa Savary, (501) 978-5503

E.A. conducts state-wide home school convention, holds home school graduation, provides free home school packets to parents who are considering the option of home schooling, offers voluntary Stanford 10 and Iowa Test of Basic Skills testing, provides free consulting and advice regarding anything related to home schooling, provides free high school transcripts on request, lobbies the Arkansas Legislature, and more.


Here is another organization that you may find useful.

Home Educators of ARkansas (HEAR)

P. O. Box 192455, Little Rock, AR 72219

Contact:  (479) 636-2401



HEAR keeps watch over state legislation concerning home schooling and is an advocate for home schooling in the state.  Provides information to homeschoolers, a communication link among homeschoolers through their newsletter, and provides basic information to new homeschoolers and connects them with someone in their area.



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Clark County Christian Home School Organization

Contact:  Ann McCauley (870) 403-0086


Provide information, encouragement, and support for parents who choose to educate their children at home. It is a parent run group operated through a monthly newsletter and this e-mail loop.  $15 annual fee.
Area:  Clark County

Columbia County Home Options In Christian Education (CCHOICE)
Contact:  Sarena Peace, (870) 786-5495

Area:  Stephens

Live and Learn
Contact:  Wendy

An inclusive support group for Central Arkansas homeschoolers.  We meet at least once a week for various activities including field trips, park days, theater, library days, arts and crafts, 4-H, play days and more!  No fees.

Area:  Little Rock, Benton, Jacksonville, Conway, Searcy, and Hot Springs

North Arkansas Christian Homeschool Organization (N.A.C.H.O.)

Contact:  Julie Helms, (870) 283-5159


This group is a communication list for homeschooling families.
Area:  North-Central Arkansas and centrally located in Independence County

Northwest Arkansas Secular Homeschooling (NWASH)

Contact:  Beth


A support group for Northwest Arkansas residents homeschooling for nonreligious reasons. We meet weekly for an all ages play group and occasionally for field trips and other events.

Area:  Washington County, Benton County, and surrounding areas


BELIEVERS Homeschool Association
Christian homeschool association providing monthly newsletter, e-mail discussion loop, field trips, cooperative classes, academic fairs, testing, graduation ceremonies, yearbook, basketball, Girl Scout troop, momís back-to-school retreat, father/son campout, father/daughter retreat, family picnic, dadís retreat, conferences.  Our moms meet regularly to fellowship and discuss relevant topics like marriage, parenting, curriculum, schedules, etc.  $30 annual fee.

Area:  Fort Smith

Family Association for Instruction and Teaching at Home (FAITH)
Phone:  (479) 471-1118
Christian homeschool association providing monthly newsletter, email discussion group, field trips, activities, cooperative classes, and much more.  $30 annual fee.

Area:  Fort Smith

Home Educators of Greater Little Rock
Phone:  (501) 224-5734
We offer support information and connection opportunities with other homeschool parents. We also have activities and small groups based on interest and available leadership such as Parent Support Meetings, Roller Skating, group attendance at the Children's Theatre, Field Trips, Homecoming, Junior-Senior Prom, Graduation, and other activities. There are also one-day classroom-based programs in both Little Rock and North Little Rock that provide supplemental education.  We have an Athletic Association providing baseball, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, etc.  $20 annual fee.

Area:  Greater Little Rock

Homestyle Christian Educators
Contact:  Michelle Anderson
HCE is a Christian-based homeschool support group for local families. We have choir, hand bells, weekly park time, momís night out, science club, field trips, and different educational opportunities at varying times. We also work with the Mountain Home Lions who offer home school basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading.

Area:  Twin Lakes Area, North Central Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas Christian Home Educators Association (NWACHEA)
Cooperative classes, bees, family recreation, ice skating, track and field, yearbook, science and education fair, momís night out, email discussion group, conventions.  $20 annual fee.

Area:  Bentonville/Bella Vista, Rogers, and Springdale/Fayetteville


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