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Home Education in Maine

Be sure to submit a one-time notice of intent to both the local public school superintendent and the Commissioner of Education within 10 days of starting home instruction and a subsequent letter annually thereafter by September 1.  Homeschoolers of Maine has guidelines and more information to help you get started.



NOTE: The information provided is a guideline. It is important for all parents to understand the statutes, procedures, policies, and/or guidelines in their home state and do what is necessary to comply with them. Find out the law in your state.

Home Education Resources and Support Groups

Families have been educating their children at home for years.  You don't need to start from scratch! 

Start with our Home Education Resources where you'll find links to curriculum, materials, teaching methods, answers to common questions about home education, step-by-step suggestions and creative options, and links to national organizations. Our goal is to share some of the best and most popular materials and resources.

You are not alone! There are many home education support groups in your area who have suggestions for teaching individual subjects, outlines of teaching methods, special needs links, activities, events, and much, much more. 

We also have links below to the major home education organizations in Maine.  You can find more support groups at their website.


Private Schools

Use the National Center for Education Statistics to find a private school in your area - just enter your city!  This useful database has many ways to search, provides stats such as grade levels of schools, student population, contact info for schools.

Laws and Standards

For the best understanding on the law and how to read it, we recommend National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD). Once you read their site, you'll know why they are your vanguards of true legal freedom.  Here is an excerpt from NHELD:


Parents educate their children for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways. However, there is one thing that is crucial for all parents, the need to be free so that they are able to educate in the manner in which they choose in the best interest of their children. Together, we can and must retain this freedom; without freedom, there is only one choice: government schooling. That is not acceptable.


We also have links to the laws regarding education (from the HOME website) and educational standards (from Developing Educational Standards)

If you feel that your group is not properly represented below - or if you know of a group that should be listed in one of our categories - or if you find a broken link - please let us know.  Thank you!


You may want to start with the main home education organization in your state.

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME)

P.O. Box 159, Camden, ME 04843

Phone:  (207) 763-2880



HOME was established as a ministry to support Maine families in their God-given and constitutional right and responsibility to oversee the education of their children. Success is our hope and desire for every family that chooses to homeschool. Our ministry supports the family by monitoring legislation, holding an annual convention, providing workshops throughout the year, publishing our newsletter The Heart of HOME, providing free counseling to new and established homeschoolers, and much more.


Here is another organization that you may find useful. 


Maine Homeschooling Yahoo Group

Statewide email discussion group for homeschoolers to discuss issues that are relevant to homeschooling in Maine. This is a diverse list and different points of view exist. Maine Homeschooling hopes to be a place where all homeschoolers can feel comfortable to find support, information, and also to post information that they find useful in homeschooling their children. Some of the topics you will see on the list include: different methods of homeschooling, help in getting started, national state legislation, resources, and announcements.


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Central Maine Self-Learners Homeschool Group (CMSL)

Contact:  Suzanne Cook


CMSL serves as a network for homeschooling families to engage in events, field trips and activities with other homeschooling families in our area. Families who join our group share the common desire to interact with other homeschoolers for field trips, activities and other events.

Area:  Central Maine


A Gathering Place Homeschool Group

Contact:  Beth Callahan, (207) 885-0045


A Gathering Place offers workshops, classes and activities such as yoga classes, singing, gardening, science classes, writing workshops, toothpaste making at Tom's of Maine, sewing, playtime at Children's Museum of Maine, field trips and lots of other exciting events that members have organized over the years. The workshops are hosted by people in the group and community who are eager to share their hobby/subject area with others. Teacher certification is not required and workshops are "enrichment" oriented (no grades, etc).

Area:  Southern Maine


Houlton Parents of Aroostook Teaching at Home (PATH)

Contact:  Sharon Bulley, (207) 532-6734

A group of homeschooling families that are enjoying the adventures that homeschooling offers.

Area:  Houlton, Hodgon, Linneus, Danforth, and even Canada.




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