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Home Education in Wyoming

Be sure to submit a Letter of Intent and "curriculum" to the local board of trustees at the beginning of each school year. Homeschoolers of Wyoming (HOW) has other guidelines and information to help you get started.

NOTE: The information provided is a guideline. It is important for all parents to understand the statutes, procedures, policies, and/or guidelines in their home state and do what is necessary to comply with them. Find out the law in your state.

Home Education Resources and Support Groups

Families have been educating their children at home for years.  You don't need to start from scratch! 

Start with our Home Education Resources where you'll find links to curriculum, materials, teaching methods, answers to common questions about home education, step-by-step suggestions and creative options, and links to national organizations. Our goal is to share some of the best and most popular materials and resources.

You are not alone! There are many home education support groups in your area who have suggestions for teaching individual subjects, outlines of teaching methods, special needs links, activities, events, and much, much more.

We also have links below to the major home education organizations in Wyoming. You can find more support groups at their website.

Private Schools

Use the National Center for Education Statistics to find a private school in your area - just enter your city!  This useful database has many ways to search, provides stats such as grade levels of schools, student population, contact info for schools.

Laws and Standards

For the best understanding on the law and how to read it, we recommend National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD). Once you read their site, you'll know why they are your vanguards of true legal freedom.  Here is an excerpt from NHELD:


Parents educate their children for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways. However, there is one thing that is crucial for all parents, the need to be free so that they are able to educate in the manner in which they choose in the best interest of their children. Together, we can and must retain this freedom; without freedom, there is only one choice: government schooling. That is not acceptable.


We also have links to the laws regarding education (from the HOW website) and educational standards (from Developing Educational Standards)

If you feel that your group is not properly represented below - or if you know of a group that should be listed in one of our categories - or if you find a broken link - please let us know.  Thank you!


You may want to start with the main home education organization in your state.


Homeschoolers of Wyoming (HOW)

118 E. Sunset Drive, Riverton, WY 82501

Phone: (307) 840-1630

Email: contact@homeschoolersofwy.org


Membership in HOW is open to all families home educating their children in Wyoming. HOW provides a network for legislative purposes, newsletters, conventions, information to help new homeschoolers get started, links to homeschool resources, and an events page of activities around the state. HOW News ($10 subscription) is designed to encourage and inform home educating families through the year.


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Christian Homeschoolers Association of Laramie County

Phone: (307) 638-8179

Email:  CHALC@bresnan.net

CHALC is a rather laid-back group. We don't have large meetings, preferring that people spend that time with their families. There are, however, plenty of activities you can be involved in if you choose to do so! All activities are organized by volunteers who have a heart for the Lord and for homeschooling.  Newsletter.
Area:  Cheyenne, Laramie County

Christian Homeschoolers of Wyoming
 Liz Watson, (307) 742-7207
Email: mlwatson@fiberpipe.net

Area:  Laramie


Laramie Area Progressive Homeschoolers (LAPH)
Contact: Laurie Homer, (307) 721-9099
LAPH is a secular group created for families that homeschool primarily for reasons that do not involve religion.

Area:  Laramie

Sheridan Homeschool Association for Refining Education (SHARE)
Contact:  Marlene Faugstad, (307) 673-5099

We are parents or guardians of varied faiths coming together for quality homeschool support. We show this support by sharing friendship and resources. We seek a variety of opportunities for our children to explore, learn, and grow.

Area:  Sheridan

Contact: Sandra, (307) 733-5738

Area:  Jackson


Gillette Christian Home Educators

Email:  president@gche.us

GCHE is a Christian support group providing information, inspiration, and support to homeschooling families via  monthly newsletter (fee), Resource Center, field trips, sports programs, and many activities for a variety of grade levels.

Area:  Gillette


WATCCH Christian Homeschool Support Group

Phone:  (307) 751-2012

Email:  contact@watcch.cjb.net

WATCCH stands for "We Are Teaching our Children in Christian Homes". We come together to share faith, love of home schooling, ideas and resources, and enjoy many educational activities together.

Area:  Sheridan


Cheyenne  Homeschool

Email:  Cheyenne-homeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com

A place for homeschoolers to discuss anything related to homeschooling. Not affiliated with any formal homeschooling group, but when you join, you will automatically be sent a file giving information on other homeschooling groups and activities in Cheyenne. If you are looking for a particular text, or if you have something to sell, check out our items-for-sale database!

Area:  Cheyenne, Laramie County

Recreation and Enrichment for Christian Educated Super Students (RECESS) Contact: Deborah White, (307) 514-3410
RECESS is a Christian homeschool group that has planned activities such as skating, swimming, and bowling in conjunction with another Cheyenne homeschool group, monthly playdates, monthly field trips, speakers, homeschool book sales, scholastic book orders, Pizza Hut book-it program, parent's night outs, pot lucks, and an annual field day in the park.  Membership is free, with a small fee for newsletters.

Area:  Cheyenne

Secular Independent Educators
Email:  S_I_E-owner@yahoogroups.com
Open to anyone, whether they have religious beliefs or a lack thereof. It provides support to people who educate their children at home and use a variety of community resources as well. Members have a common goal of helping their children to grow into highly educated, free-thinking, worldly, and well-adjusted adults.

Area:  Casper


Wyoming Catholic Homeschoolers

Email:  wychs-owner@yahoogroups.com

This is a list primarily for Wyoming Catholic Homeschoolers, those interested in homeschooling in Wyoming, or those moving to Wyoming, and seeking information. It is also for dissemination of information of interest to Wyoming Catholic homeschoolers, prayer requests, announcements, family updates, requests, and questions. It should serve to lessen the isolation homeschoolers can feel in Wyoming.


Wyoming Homeschool

Email:  Wyominghomeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com

This is a mailing list for people who home schooling or are thinking of homeschooling in the state of Wyoming. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas, support each other, give links for school stuff, just talk including, scripture, God, church, parents, kids, home cleaning, lessons and curriculum, on-line courses, and web sites.


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