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The homeschool how-to site - everything you need to know about homeschooling and a whole lot more!

A to Z Home's Cool

Great source for state laws, support groups, useful resources, lesson ideas, educational websites.  She has it all from A to Z!

The Alternative Education Resources Organization.
Find alternative, private schools and information about alternative schooling.

Homeschool Central
Good source for homeschool resources, support groups, national organizations, and much more.

Jon's Homeschool Resources
Good source for resources and support groups.

Leaping from the Box
Articles and resources to assist homeschoolers, home educators, unschoolers and independent learners who desire to move beyond the "cookie-cutter" box mentality in their homeschooling or unschooling journey. Ideas and materials for Independent Learners along with tips for using textbooks (curriculum), community resources & online information.  Great search engine for finding local support groups in every state!

National Home Education Network
Encourages state and local homeschooling organizations and individuals by providing information, fostering networking, including links to local/state support grouops, and promoting public relations on a national level.

Special Interest

Families on the Road
The site for families who are on the road fulltime, on extended road trips, or are just dreaming about it.

A site to encourage homeschooling families with special needs children, including local support groups.

National Black Home Educators

Good source of information, local support, state laws.

Single Parents Who Home School
Our support group meets on the internet to meet the needs of those of us that can't make it to a regular meeting time because of our work schedules and commitments.



Home School Digest
In the Home School Digest, you'll find practical tips, simple suggestions and bold Biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect homeschooling families. We pray that the broad, yet uncompromising approach you'll find in Home School Digest will strengthen, encourage and equip you in your journey of homeschooling, raising Godly children, and walking closer with Jesus Christ.

Morningstar Educational Network
A Christian ministry helping parents discover the blessings of a biblical home education.

SBACS - Starting a Christian School
The Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS) has guidelines and resources for starting a Christian school.


Home Education Magazine

This website presents homeschooling information, support and encouragement, resources and reviews, free newsletters, networking and discussion lists, and the online archives of Home Education Magazine, offering 10 years of articles, interviews, columns, resources, reviews and more which you can read online, anytime - FREE!

Homeschool World
The official website of Practical Homeschooling Magazine.  Source for homeschool news and information.  Great source for support groups and organizations.

Homeschooling Today
A distinctively Christian publication committed to delivering trustworthy and timely articles that provide encouragement and spiritual growth to Christian families involved in the mission of educating their children.

The Link
Source for homeschool news and information.

The Old Schoolhouse
Global homeschooling company offering homeschoolers a variety of resources and encouragement, as well as ways to learn about the latest and greatest educational resources out there.

The Teaching Home

A Christian magazine for Home Educators.


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